How is VizSeek better than other visual search technologies?

VizSeek, our cloud-based visual search solution, is better than other visual search solutions in the following ways.

1) VizSeek can identify a specific match for a product within a category

Other visual search engines use “Deep Learning” to recognize and tag an object, then search for similar objects with similar tags. Figure 1 below shows that they can only recognize the category a product belongs to, but do not find exact matches or truly similar products.

Figure 1: Other visual search technologiescompetitors

VizSeek finds a category using “Deep Learning” to limit search scope and then uses shape and color to find better matches. Figure 2 below illustrates how VizSeek, along with identifying the product category, can find the exact or similar products within that product category.

Figure 2: VizSeek visual search technologyvizseek

2) VizSeek works across file types

VizSeek lets you do visual search across file type, such as using an image or a 2D drawing to find 3D models. Other visual search solutions only allow image to image and 3D model to 3D model searches.

3) VizSeek is a SaaS solution

As a SaaS solution, VizSeek provides you with ground-breaking, resource-intensive visual search capability with no infrastructure or maintenance investment.

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