Imaginestics makes 2013 Technology 200

Imaginestics is proud to be a winner of making the 2013 Technology 200 list!

The list is generated by Lead411, a company that provides business addresses, business news, company profiles, daily lead alerts, and other business alerts. Criteria to make the list included that a company had substantial growth, in both revenue and employees, in the past year.

It’s an honor to be nationally recognized, and we hope to see more growth and success in the future.

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– Imaginestics staff




Imaginestics Update

SONY DSCSeptember 5, 2013Imaginestics hosted the Indy Def2013 – DoD Source Approval Request (SAR) Workshop at the Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis. The workshop included presentations from Tim Sanders, Associate Vice President, Government Relations Purdue University; Jacob Schpok, Executive Dir., Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship; Brench L. Boden, Lead, Mfg. Enterprise Team, Manufacturing Technology Air Force, Research Laboratory; Nainesh Rathod, CEO, Imaginestics; Rob Hill, Business Analyst, Imaginestics; and Reggie Joslin, Deputy for Small Business, Crane.

Small- and mid-sized manufacturers learned methods to more successfully bid on U.S. Department of Defense requests for proposals, heard perspectives from government buyers, and were introduced to Imaginestics’ visual search-powered online platform, VizSpace. The online network, America’s VOICe, was also discussed as a tool and helpful solution to connect DOD opportunities with manufacturers’ capabilities.  – Imaginestics staff

Reggie Joslin, Deputy for Small Business, Crane
Reggie Joslin, Deputy for Small Business, Crane