Give your e-commerce a visual boost

tileVizSeek is a cloud-based visual search solution with unlimited possibilities. Via mobile or the desktop, visual search is the next generation in search, eliminating the confusion that language, jargon, and part or product names can cause.

If your company sells products on the web, you need to give your customers the quickest, most accurate way to find what they need. If you have product images, VizSeek is a simple way to provide powerful visual search capabilities.

If you want to give your customers a dedicated, customized place to search for your products, use our subscription plan to add your products to a site on VizSeek.

Or, if you want to put visual search on your own site or app, you can use our VizSeek APIs to make that a quick and easy integration.

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Press Release: Imaginestics launches visual search engine for company product catalogs

Check out our latest press release on Purdue University Research Foundation news announcing the launch of our visual search technology, VizSeek, as a software-as-a-service tool for companies…

Imaginestics launches visual search engine for company product catalogs

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Imaginestics LLC, whose visual search engine called VizSeek helps people find industrial products faster and more accurately than conventional search engines, has launched a new software-as-a-service platform for company industrial product catalogs.

The new visual search engine allows companies to upload their product catalogs to the VizSeek platform and make them searchable by photo, providing an efficient way for customers or employees to find the product they need….

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