Nainesh Rathod and Jamie Tan first joined forces under the Imaginestics banner in 2002, and they pointed their software development capabilities squarely in the direction of serving the industrial supply-chain world.

With consideration for how manufacturers source products, Nainesh and Jamie’s team recognized that before engineering or procurement personnel think descriptively about “function,” they think visually about “form” and “fit.”

Thus Imaginestics set a course for developing the world’s first shape-search engine: VizSeek.

Within a year, Nainesh and Jamie teamed with Dr. Karthik Ramani, Director of [C] Design Lab and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue, to make this dream a reality.


in partnerships with industrial clients throughout the U.S. and beyond, Imaginestics continues to break new ground in supply-chain sourcing with VizSpace.

Learn more about Imaginestics and what we do by visiting our company website.


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