Speed your customer service with visual search

impellerYour customer service is often the key to retaining customers and building loyalty. To provide optimal customer service, your customer service agents need to be able to quickly
and accurately identify the product your customer needs help with and find the appropriate documentation or warranty information. Unfortunately, customers don’t always know the exact name or part number of what they have.

Visual search is a powerful tool to allow your customer service agents to take a customer’s image, find the appropriate part within your product catalog or design data, and get the information the customer needs.

If you want to give your customer service agents a dedicated, customized place to search for your products, use our subscription plan to add your products to a site on VizSeek.

Or, if you want to put visual search on your own site or app, our VizSeek APIs to make that a quick and easy integration.

Contact us to learn more!


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